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National Gallery of Art West Building
Madison Dr. & 4th St. NW
Telephone: 202.737.4215
Admission: Free
Museum Hours: Monday through Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Closed December 25 and New Year's Day.

European paintings and sculpture, from the thirteenth through the nineteenth centuries, and American art are on the Main Floor. On the Groud Floor are galleries of prints, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts, and temporary exhibitions; also the Garden Café, the West Building sales shop, and the West Building lecture hall.

Gallery Regulations

Parcels, briefcases, knapsacks, and umbrellas must be checked. Guards will enforce rules against touching works of art. Visitors may not use fluid ink pens. Smoking, food, and drink are forbidden in exhibition areas.


Photographing works of art for personal purposes, using a hand-held camera, is allowed with or without a flash, unless otherwise posted.

Art Information Locations

West Building Art Information Room, Main Floor, at Mall entrance; Art Information Desk, Ground Floor, Constitution Avenue at 6th Street entrance.

Free Tours, Lectures, Films, Concerts

Information and schedules may be obtained at the Art Information Desks or from the Calendar of Events, which will be mailed on request.

Sales Shops

West Building Ground Floor: reproductions, postcards, books, notecards, calendars, videocassettes.

Cafés and Buffet

West Building Ground Floor: Garden Café

Restrooms and Telephones

Near the entrance lobbies and restaurant areas.

First Aid

Guards will direct visitors to the Health Unit.

Services for Disabled Visitors


West Building Consititution Avenue at 6th St.

Parking areas, ramps and elevators provide access to public areas and galleries; please refer to floor plans of East and West Buildings.

Listening assisted devices for use in the Large Auditorium are available at the Art Information Desk in the East Building.

Wheelchairs and strollers

Available at the entrances.

Note: The installation of galleries is often subject to change, and certain works of art are not always on view.

Text by The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
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