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Washington, DC
Washington, D.C. is a cultural center providing both residents and visitors alike a large number of activities ranging from live theater, to a myriad of museums that they can visit. It has parks, plazas, and a wide array of monuments and memorials. In addition, Washington hosts conventions, conferences, festivals, and celebrations year-round.
Washington is more than just the cultural center of the area. Washington, D.C. is the seat of government for the United States of America. It is home to the President, Vice President, and other notable figures in our government.
Today Washington is a thriving metropolitan area with a population of approximately one half million people who reside in the district proper. Washington has a number of "neighborhoods" each with its own distinct personality. Areas such as Adams Morgan and Georgetown sport restaurants and other popular attractions.
The city lies on the west central edge of Maryland on the Potomac River opposite Virginia. Initially Washington was a square with an area of 100 miles, taken from Maryland and Virginia. Virginia's portion was given back to the state in 1846, leaving a sixty-eight square mile area for the government.